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Hof van G

A little chateau with fire damage and a lot of decay.

Care Home Castle

Although this castle looks medieval, it’s not. The castle was built in the 1930ies for one of Belgium’s big industrial families. In …

Chateau Soutien

I can’t find much historic information about this place. Although it seems renovation of the chateau has started at some point, it’s …

Pinball Orphanage

During the war this castle was used by the Germans and Allies. After being badly damaged by the end of the war …

Chateau Milky Way

The history of this castle dates back to 1229. The current building was probably built around the mid 1800s.

Chateau du Chien

Chateau du Chien (Castle of the Dog) didn’t steal it’s name. As we approached the castle, we were welcomed by an old …

The famous Chateau Noisy

This fairy tale castle had been on our to- do list for quite a while, but (mostly) due to the long distance and the …

Rochendaal Barracks

Barracks next to Chateau Rochendaal. It’s still military domain and patrolled by the MP.

Chateau Rochendaal

There is not much info to found about castle Rochendaal. The castle was built in 1881 by the lawyer Jean-Henri-Paul Ulens. Ulens …