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Summer Silo

On a hot Saturday afternoon, right after work, I met up with Rouille d’Anvers for a romantic explore close to the city. …

‘t Stad roept

Wanneer de kleerkast weer zijn donkere kleuren uitspuugt beginnen mijn pupillen zich reeds te vergroten.

The Ruien

Once the open sewers of one of Belgium’s biggest city, now a network of forgotten underground tunnels. No poo down here anymore, …


After our visit to the Premetro subway, we hit this rooftop with a nice view. I’ll let the pictures speek for themselves.

Fort Antwerp

This fort is part of a defensive circle of forts around the city of Antwerp. The construction began in 1859 and was …

Montevideo Warehouses

These warehouses are located in the harbour of Antwerp. They where built in 1895 and used for storage of a variaty of …