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Rusty Brewery

A small local brewery dating from around the turn of the century

Leuven by night

Some nice views from the top of the abandoned Stella Artois brewery in my hometown Leuven.

Sawmill :o

This sawmill was abandoned in 2011. The building is completely empty, only one giant machine remains.

C/C tribute

It’s been a while since I’ve been overseas. The C/C however, will always have a drain-ridden special spot in the grey goo …

Summer Silo

On a hot Saturday afternoon, right after work, I met up with Rouille d’Anvers for a romantic explore close to the city. …

Brasserie des Ferrailleurs

As Belgium is the land of the beer, it counts many breweries. Unfortunately some of them become abandoned and the victim to …

Royal Boch Ceramics

Royal Boch is one of Belgium’s most famous ceramic factories and was founded by the family Boch in 1841. It was known …

Les Moulins de M.

While driving out the tiny village of our previous location. We saw this beautiful decayed industrial building, we decided to check it …