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Peeling paint and pigeon poo

U-Verlagerung R

WW2-era underground factory built in an old slate quarry, to produce fuel for V2 rockets. It was captured intact by the Americans …

Le four à chaux

Rotary lime kiln that’s been abandoned for about a decade. The surrounding processing plant Tunnels in the old lime works Control room …

Galerie d’aérage

Not sure what this tunnel was, it lies underneath an old coal mine, so could have been an ventilation tunnel.

The Fort

A 19th century brick fort, once protecting on of the large cities in Belgium, now home to bats and birds.

Detatched Bastion

Part of Dover Western Heights fortifications, a 18th century port of Dover defence. Abandoned between the 1950’s and 1960’s

Chernobyl TMAX

How much can you see on one day in the Chernobyl exclusion zone? Turns out a LOT! Here’s a selection on BW …

Mine 5 and 6

Mine n°5 was established in 1956, then roads where built, cable car connections and power lines laid. 3 years later, the first …

Hiking from Grumant to Coalsbay

This report is part of my trip to Svalbard, more here. Amidst a small valley, surrounded by inhospitable steep cliffs, lies the …