Who are we?

As a true couch potato you’re staring at the moving images being sent into your living room. Your brain starts to settle down to a low numb volume, your muscles lazy up, fat starts piling on, and when the time comes to haul your ass to bed, you look at yourself in the mirror and mirror yourself to that Western ideal which just got burned on your retina during the commercial break.
You start dreaming about what should be, what could be, about what you want and imagine a life, filled with products, which will make you happy, just like all those pretty people on TV.
A perfect white smile, happy kids, and a gorgeous wife with full lips who will provide you with Dyson’s never ending suction power.

So you work harder, start earning more money, buy all those happiness enhancing products, visit banks, get loans, face traffic jams, perfect your habitat, buy clothes that have to make you pop out of the crowd, and insure yourself against all the accidents this life may throw at you.
You choose the safe road, the known path, constructed from boring old bricks with hoardings on the side.
But the toothpaste smile doesn’t come.
The dream only appears in the mirror.
And the those lips, if any, suck on a whole other way than what you hoped for.

So you go online and start selling yourself on facebook as a strong rightful person who goes partying and knows all the hot babes. You create this image and do what others do in order to raise your self-esteem.
You are unique, different, and yet the same. You are a human, feeling confused.
“There’s something missing in this life,” you think, despite all the products and insurances you have.
And as soon as you shake off those thoughts, your smartphone buzzes, and you need to get up to face those traffic jams.

Fuck that.

We are three guys who, from time to time, don’t take all the rules too serious.
We search for a life of adventure, adrenaline, ups, and downs.
We forget fashion, avoid commercial breaks, and squeeze our bodies through rough cracked terrain to gaze upon forbidden treasures long forgotten.
We crawl through dirt, climb fences, avoid cameras, slide past security, and carefully tread sacred ground.
Acts that many people will hold as criminal.
Acts we hold as essential.

We are off-limits.

What is Urbex?

Urban exploration (or Urbex) is the exploration of (mostly) abandoned buildings, crypts, hospitals, factories… We generally call them ‘locations’ because almost anything qualifies for the job, whether it is in the center of the city, or way out in the bush.
Most people associate Urbex with photography, trying to capture the very special atmosphere you find in those locations. But taking pictures is not a requirement. You can just take a look inside your local abandoned factory and it will still be Urbexing.

In general, there is one main rule that most urbexers follow: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!”.