The University

Today, we went to visit, among some other things, a university campus. The campus consists of various buildings that used to house various departments (all scientific). Even though the campus was abandoned part by part between 1980 and the late 90’s, two of the buildings, the smaller ones, are still in use by two different organisations.

This university campus was built on the location of an old abbey. Only a few buildings of that abbey remain. Building started in 1930. The first building was finished in 1932, two others in 1936.

Although the whole campus and it’s buildings seemed to be locked airtight (welded bars on all windows and doors), entry was surprisingly easy. The inside of the HUGE buildings was quite a disappointment though. Most of it was trashed and/or empty, and it all quite looked the same. We did however bump into a couple interesting rooms/things, take a look!

Oh yeah, before I forget: future plans for the site speak of partly demolishing some parts, restore the rest and sell them as office buildings for companies.

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