The Last Post – car graveyard

Hundreds of German military vehicles are being overgrown by nature. MAN trucks, VW Kübels (Thing), Red Cross Beetles, boats and even two airplanes are rusting away here…

It had been a while, but this location got the adrenaline pumping through our veins again. When we looked up the location on Google Earth, it looked like an abandonned car graveyard (that’s also how it is known in the online urbex community). But when we got there, it turned out quite differently. We started getting suspicious when we saw direction signs with the name of the location on it. When we arrived, we did find a car graveyard, but it was most certainly NOT abandonned. We had to follow a long narrow road to get there, and at the end of the road there was a house… Since it was raining pretty hard, and we didn’t want to walk down that narrow road to get to the location, we decided just to park the car on the road and do our exploration. Not the most subtle of things since the road only leads to the car graveyard and we were in plain sight, but we took our chances.

We didn’t run into anybody or anything during the first couple hours of our exploration, but that probably had something to do with the fact that it was sunday and it was raining really hard. But after a couple hours of interesting exploring and fooling arround in the many many army trucks and other army equipment, it stopped raining for a while and the owner came looking for us on an old moped. We had to hide quickly and it’s a miracle that he didn’t find us. After a couple minutes, it started raining again and since he was only wearing a T-shirt, he drove off to his jeep to continue the search. We waited until the timing was right and made a run for it. Good thing we were finished anyway!

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