The famous Chateau Noisy

This fairy tale castle had been on our to- do list for quite a while, but (mostly) due to the long distance and the lack of any train stations nearby, we had to postpone it for a while. Now that we finally have a car to get around  and we found some more locations nearby to do, we decided to give it a go. Another reason why we wanted to get there as soon as possible is the rapid decline of the castle.

The castle is on the top of a hill in the middle of the woods. We parked the car at the bottom of the hill and proceeded on foot. For all you people out there: if you ever plan to visit a location that isn’t totally obvious to find, BRING A MAP (or a satellite picture). We learned the hard way. The walk up to the castle took us about half an hour (while it was actually less then a mile from where we parked the car). The way back took even longer (we ended up walking a big loop AROUND the castle instead of away from it).

The castle itself then was built in 1866 by a count, designed by a British architect. The main tower was built later though, the exact date is unknown (to us at least). From the ’50 the castle was used by the Belgian Railway Company as a holiday camp for their employee’s kids. The place was abandoned in 1991 and has been declining ever since.

THIS is how it looked decades ago

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