The Beliard Shipyard

I (Ben) have been extremely busy for school for the past few months, so there hasn’t been much time to go out on trips sadly enough. But now that I’m having a rather calm period before the exams start there’s a couple scheduled. Today being the first one!

We went to the Belgian coast (quite a long drive for us!) to visit an abandoned hotel that we had our eyes on for quite a while. Access should’ve been a walk in the park (Joachim had already noticed the building in a previous trip and saw that the door was open)… If only it was true… We made a quick tour around the building, but found it hermetically sealed! We then climbed over a door, only to find more locked doors. One of those doors wasn’t locked all that well, so we managed to open it… Only to find more locked doors! Long story short: we didn’t get in. Location nr 2 of the day was an abandoned shipyard. Not really that much to say about that one other then the fact that entry was easy and that it was relatively uninteresting. If it weren’t for a couple fibreglass molds to make cabins to go on ships, it was nothing but a couple of old hangars and some changing/washing rooms for the people who used to work there. We did however bump into some random photo shoot, quite the surprise!

Since location nr 2 of the day was relatively small and uninteresting, we got back into the car and drove off to location nr 3. Location nr 3 was supposed to be a milk factory with a bunch of oldtimers inside. Again, we found the place without problems, we identified it as an abandoned milk factory (could see through the windows), but didn’t find a way inside (well, technically we found one, but the risk of not being able to get back out was too big :p)!

Long story short: at the end of the day we spent more time in the car then we did exploring… WAY more. But that’s part of the job, right!?

Some old photos of the place

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