Sweet Sugar

Our last visit today came to a very abrupt end. After a lot of residential locations recently, we thought it was time for another industrial exploration. There was an abandoned sugar refinery in the area, so we figured we’d just go for that one. Upon arrival we immediately noticed that the lights were still on in the office buildings and that there was a big sign that said the building was under surveillance. Since the building was clearly abandoned, we didn’t think much of it. The sign didn’t really bother us either, since many of the locs we visit have those signs, but they rarely have any real security measures.

So we entered the location, went through the first building (being very careful on the upper floors where the metal flooring was not in a very good shape), crossed the open yard and into the next building. We did find some weird objects in the middle of the factory like a bird’s cage and an umbrella, but other then that your average industrial exploration. At least until we found the second control room. Upon entering this small room, a small red light started blinking in the upper right corner of the room and I immediately knew something was wrong. The blinking was followed by a loud alarm sound seconds later.

That’s about the time when we decided it might be a good idea to get the hell out of there. So that’s what we did. We ran towards the exit as fast as we could, being quite exposed as we crossed the big open space in the middle. Outside, on the streetside of the building there was another speaker sounding the alarm. Making extra sure everybody in a 1km radius knew that those 2 guys crawling under the gate and sprinting towards the only parked car in the area were actually doing something they weren’t allowed to.

We drove off, and never saw one cop or securityofficer on the way out. We got out without getting caught, but it was quite the adrenaline rush!

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