Salve Mater Mental Hospital

Once every year, a number of old buildings (cultural heritage) open their doors to visitors. Like this, they want to get people to explore their own surroundings and discover what hidden beauties lay in their own backyards.

Needless to say that the ‘real’ beauties are never accessible during these tourist days, and the buildings that are accessible are not interesting to us (from our photographing / Urbex point of view that is ofc). This one is ‘half’ an exception on that… This location consists of around 3 or 4 buildings, only one being accessible as cultural heritage. ‘But why would you bother going then,’ you ask? Well, what better distraction then a herd of tourists :D? It worked like a charm: we got in the otherwise harder-to-enter-without-being-noticed building without bumping into anybody.

These buildings belonged to a psychiatric institution for women. Built in 1927 and initiated by the queen. Recently the psychiatric institution has left the domain, some pavilions are rented to other organisations. You’ll find pictures of two pavilions in the gallery. One very decayed building and one that’s been abandoned more recently. The buildings will be converted into offices and lofts very soon.

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