Monastère des C.

This relative unknown location was a big pain in the *ss to gain access to. Satellite pictures show a very visible path with a nice and big front gate… Not a trace of any of that when we got there though… What we did find was a very steep hill with a lot of vegetation. After driving around for about 15 minutes, we decided to stop wasting time and just start climbing. Easier said then done, because due to heavy rainfall, the mud was extremely slippery and there was nothing to hold onto. After some climbing (and some falling down) we got to the top and found access. After some more looking around we found the courtyard that had access to the actual monastery. We knew there this place also had a guard on a bike and a dog, so we were very cautious, but we had no surprise-encounters (we did find bike and dog trails in the dust though). The beeping sound of the fire alarm did scare us in the beginning though… We thought it was a motion detector at first, but found out about its true meaning pretty quickly.

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