Hippodrome Groenendael

Here we are again with another relatively close to home location. We parked the car at a nearby train station, and walked the last kilometre through the woods until we reached a big open spot, the horse track. Commissioned by the ”notorious” king Leopold II from Belgium in 1889, the horse track from Groenendael was one of the most beautiful and well known tracks in all of Europe. After the downfall of the horse sports in the 20th century, the racetrack was declared bankrupt in 2001.

The location consists of 2 main buildings (the gallery and the royal pavilion), and a couple of stables as well as a house for the groundkeeper. The gallery was completely trashed, but also well cleaned up afterwards (weird), and the track itself was still in relatively good condition! One wonders who is still doing the maintenance on such a big piece of abandoned land and why in God’s name he/she is doing it :p. Anyways, we had a great time, and it was very nice to do an ”outdoor” location for a change!

Update: now demolished

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