Fun Times at Dadipark!

Actually not… This was a rather disappointing day of urbexing. I had to be back home by 15.00 because of work, so we didn’t have all that much time. After a long drive we arrived at this abandoned amusement park. It closed in 2003 because of safety issues (a kid lost an arm on the “Nautic Jets”). It was actually WAY too hot outside to do anything that day, but we went for it anyway. The first thing we noticed was a big sign warning for “dangerous ostriches, keep out”. It was funny when we first read it, but we kept the pepper spray within hand reach anyways… You wouldn’t want to be remembered as “that guy that got killed by ostriches”… The amusement park itself was totally trashed and overgrown with trees and other plants and there were bugs everywhere. And the crappy part was that it wasn’t even worth our trouble. When we were finished, there wasn’t enough time left to do any of the other locations we had planned, so we just went home.

Dadipark before closing

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