Ecole Vétérinaire

After a short visit to the Rosendor-collection, we still had half a day ahead of us. Plenty time to visit one more location nearby. We had no idea what we were gonna find here, because there are a lot of rumours about the place. Some people say it’s impossible to get in, some people talk about a tourist attraction. Some say there are construction workers and guards all over the place; some say they didn’t see a single soul. We got lucky and found a way in and didn’t see anybody except some other urbexers (we thought they were guards… scared the shit out of us). Inside we found a pretty well preserved veterinarian school. It was messy alright, but no traces of vandalism whatsoever. A lot of labo equipment was still inside, and the famous flasked animal organs were also still there. What surprised us the most was the very complete library in the attic. If you move your school do a different location, you’d think they would take the library with them right…? All together a great location!

The Veterinary school in the old days

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