Dexter’s Lab?

It had been a while and now that we were both able to make some time, we decided to go on another little trip. We agreed not to go too far, but just take our time in one location relatively nearby.

Today’s ”target” was an old laboratory that belonged to the ministry of agriculture. Here, research was done to find new ways to enhance farming techniques. A little bit of research and the nameplate at the gate told us that, because inside it looks like a normal laboratory complex of course ?. The location consists of 3 main buildings in a U shape, a big square garden and a barn with some agricultural vehicles that was very well sealed.

One more surprising and somewhat disturbing discovery we made in this lab was the presence of a nuclear section. The lab had a specially sealed room with a big ”nuclear” sticker on the door. A storage room for equipment with nuclear capabilities? A passageway to a secret underground nuclear research facility? I guess we’ll never know ;).

The building itself is of very old age, but it has been refurbished many times during its long life. The site was abandoned in 2004.

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