Den Hoorn / Stella – Tower

What, oh what could you POSSIBLY do when you’re bored on a sunny Wednesday afternoon? Wash the cars and go on a last minute urbex trip of course ! The original plan was to visit another brewery that we missed that Tuesday  but that would mean we would be stuck in traffic jam for at least an hour and a half on the way back… Not really worth it.

So we decided to check out another one of the old Stella buildings right where we live in Leuven. The Stella company has 4 old buildings in Leuven, at least that’s what we thought. After this exploration, we found out 2 of them are actually connected. We had already visited the main brewery hall, and we knew that a second one was accessible (that was our target for today). We had been doing our research, and found out that the third big building (the one connected to the fourth one) was all sealed, so we were totally surprised to find the side door unlocked and wide open when we walked by on our way to the other building! We entered quickly and started exploring this huuuuge building. The original plan was to be home by 6pm, but we left the location at half past 7, and still left a part of the location un-visited!

The building includes a tower that can be seen from all over the city. Once you’re up there you feel king of the world 😉

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