Den Hoorn / Stella – Executive Offices

Today, we completed one more chapter in our ‘Stella’ story. This time we went for the offices… I hear y’all thinking: ‘but hey guys didn’t you visited the offices earlier this year?’ Yeah well, these offices are in a different building! These buildings didn’t get abandoned until recently (we found evidence they were still in use in 2008), which made this an interesting exploration. Interesting because there was still a whole lot of stuff there, but also quite different… All electricity was still on! We even took the elevator to the top floor, used the phones to call home, made some copies… Not what you would expect from your average abandoned building :p. But still a whole lot of fun.

We visited this building twice: once at night (pretty creepy if you ask me), and once during daytime.

Btw: did you know Bruce Willis was a member of InBev’s Executive Committee?

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