CoD: Cheratte

This very well known location was actually not nearly as exiting as we thought it would be. Many, many urbexers have visited this location, but all in all, it wasn’t really that special. We got a great story out of it though…
When we parked the car, we saw some guys in camo outfits talk to some other older guy in a car. We identified this person as Mr. Gomez, the very well known ’’guard’’ of Hasard Cheratte. It’s a known fact that he fancies a drink every now and then and that you can bribe him with liquor, so we figured that those guys were just fellow urbexers and that Gomez was there to let them in. We didn’t really care and just took the back entrance without paying Gomez anything. We were pretty surprised when those guys in camo outfits didn’t pull out cameras and tripods, but a whole range of guns!! We decided to play safe and walk in their direction to make sure they wouldn’t shoot us for whatever reason.
They turned out to be a group of friends who just enjoy a game of airsoft every now and then, and we agreed that we would yell something when we were about to cross the fireline and they would ’’hold their fire’’… Something else then bumping into fellow urbexers I guess ^^.

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