Chateau Hogemeyer

Pictures from the first visit

Chateau Hogemeyer, also nicknamed Chateau Chérie, lays in the middle of the fields on the Flemish countryside. This chateau was one of our first locations. The first time I didn’t have a tripod yet and had never heard of HDR. So, returning from Chateau Rochendaal, we did a quick revisit, and I took some HDR-shots. Little had changed, only a few cars where moved and the castle was still in a bad shape. Only this time we could get in one of the stable-buildings. Inside the building there is an unique and old oven. This is only one of the gems you can find in and around the chateau. There’s also a nice chapel with beautiful woodwork. Also, there is a 1980 Mercedes-Benz 350 SL on the courtyard.

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