Ave Maria

The original monastery was built in 1491, but over the centuries the buildings have changed a lot.

During centuries hermit monks lived in complete isolation behind their thick walls. But in the late 1700’s, during French revolution, the monks where chased away by the Frenchies and their possessions where destroyed or sold. The French army used the buildings as barracks and an ammo depot. Due to an explosion of ammunition a large part of the monastery was destroyed. The army left the monastery to decay. Early 1800 the church was demolished. Recent archaeological excavations show the foundations of what used to be the church.

After a century of decay, in the 1920ies, an other religious order of monks bought the ruins the old monastery. And after a few years of renovation, the monastery was used as a school and study house (including a library) for new monks. The monastery was finally abandoned in 2004 and has been empty ever since. Future plans speak of adding buildings, but this will be difficult because the monastery and it’s surroundings are protected heritage.

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