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Spillers Millennium Mills

The second derelict building on our little London trip was this turn of the 20th century flour mill. The large building is …

Hof van G

A little chateau with fire damage and a lot of decay.

Care Home Castle

Although this castle looks medieval, it’s not. The castle was built in the 1930ies for one of Belgium’s big industrial families. In …

La Cité des Morts

City of the dead. In the 1800’s, with burial ground in the city being scarce, the city began constructing underground galleries to …

Hillbilly Cargraveyard

Far away from civilization you’ll find these nice cars rusting away in someones backyard.

Embassy of a Socialist State

A pretty risky explore, since it was right across a still active and highly secured embassy of another socialist state. These are …

Rusty Brewery

A small local brewery dating from around the turn of the century