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Mine 5 and 6

Mine n°5 was established in 1956, then roads where built, cable car connections and power lines laid. 3 years later, the first …

Hiking from Grumant to Coalsbay

This report is part of my trip to Svalbard, more here. Amidst a small valley, surrounded by inhospitable steep cliffs, lies the …

SNSK Titankrana

This location is part of my trip to Svalbard, more here. A Titan crane from 1958, owned by the Store Norske Spitsbergen …

APX 100

A few years ago I was given a bunch of expired film by family. One of the films is this amazing B/W …

Spillers Millennium Mills

The second derelict building on our little London trip was this turn of the 20th century flour mill. The large building is …

Rusty Brewery

A small local brewery dating from around the turn of the century

Leuven by night

Some nice views from the top of the abandoned Stella Artois brewery in my hometown Leuven.

Sawmill :o

This sawmill was abandoned in 2011. The building is completely empty, only one giant machine remains.