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Off-Limits, Page 3

Care Home Castle

Although this castle looks medieval, it’s not. The castle was built in the 1930ies for one of Belgium’s big industrial families. In …

La Cité des Morts

City of the dead. In the 1800’s, with burial ground in the city being scarce, the city began constructing underground galleries to …

Hillbilly Cargraveyard

Far away from civilization you’ll find these nice cars rusting away in someones backyard.

Embassy of a Socialist State

A pretty risky explore, since it was right across a still active and highly secured embassy of another socialist state. These are …

Rusty Brewery

A small local brewery dating from around the turn of the century

Leuven by night

Some nice views from the top of the abandoned Stella Artois brewery in my hometown Leuven.

Sawmill :o

This sawmill was abandoned in 2011. The building is completely empty, only one giant machine remains.

Imperia car factory

Once a world famous Belgian manufacturer of sports cars. In the interbellum (interwar period) the company fused with other Belgian car makers …

Marble Mansion

The villa of a stone masonry, used as an office and archive for several years, then abandoned. The villa is built in …