Der Katakomben

We entered this buried river through the outfall outside the city. Shortly after entering we where rewarded with many types of brick and stone tunnels. Even some parts reinforced with steel ribs. A particularly old part was found behind a small tunnel. It turned out to be an disused sewer …


APX 100

A few years ago I was given a bunch of expired film by family. One of the films is this amazing B/W …


X-ray hospital

A clean abandoned hospital with humming lights, a bunch of x-ray machines and even a morgue full of shiny stainless steel.  



This is one of the most interesting world war 2 era underground locations I can currently think of. It was on my …


Green School

An old high school, built in the late 1800’s as a mental asylum. The building has been abandoned for over a decade …

The Moscow Zoo pond Overflow

Presnya River, Moscow

Пре́сня […]the Presnya River, now flowing largely in an underground pipe and entering the Moskva River immediately west of the White House of …


Spillers Millennium Mills

The second derelict building on our little London trip was this turn of the 20th century flour mill. The large building is …


Hof van G

A little chateau with fire damage and a lot of decay.