Ore chute mine

This old iron ore mine featured many types of so called ‘ore chutes’: slides designed to transport iron ore from the bottom of extraction chambers into the minecarts. Fully wooden as well as metal chutes can be seen. The mine has been abandoned for over 50 years. The mine is …

Les égouts

Sewage system of a small town with a nice variety of shapes and materials.

The mystery tunnel

A collapsed tunnel on the site of a former coal mine. The purpose of this tunnel is a mystery but a nice …

Galerie d’aérage

Not sure what this tunnel was, it lies underneath an old coal mine, so could have been an ventilation tunnel.

Canal Tunnel

Tunnel, built in the first half of the 19th century to allow shallow barges with coal to be transported. The walkway next …

Drain des Cascatelles

We explored these tunnels carrying a small river under a small town. The variety of shapes, materials and sizes was amazing.